WD9HDZ - Bradford E. 'Brad' Scott WD9HDZ

Bradford E. 'Brad' Scott
Cincinnati, OH

QCWA # 32558
Chapter 9

WD9HDZ was first licensed in 1977 while I was stationed in Berlin, Germany with the US Army (AFN-TV Berlin). Several of us traveled to Ramstein Air Base in West Germany to meet the FCC Examiners, who came to Europe twice a year. When my US callsign was issued, I applied to the Deutsche Bundespost, and was granted NATO Forces call sign DA2QH. I operated HF from my quarters in Berlin, and 2m mobile, until we returned to the US in 1978. Also during that time, we traveled to Great Britain, and I was assigned reciprocal callsign G5CGW; I operated 2m mobile throughout England, Scotland and Wales for three weeks.

Upon returning to the US and leaving the Army, I was hired as a broadcast engineer at WCET Channel 48, Cincinnati's public TV station and the first licensed educational station in the US. I joined the Oh-Ky-In VHF Amateur Radio Society (we later dropped the VHF), and have been a member since then. Oh-Ky-In's home page is at www.ohkyin.org . I retired from WCET (now CET) in 2003.

In addition to ham radio, I sing in a Barbershop quartet and chorus (Harmony Street and the Delta Kings Chorus, Cincinnati Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society), and do sound reinforcement and recording of performances for several local chapters and for our Johnny Appleseed District. See the Delta Kings home page at www.deltakings.org.

I am married to Susie, who got her ticket in the 80's: N8CGM.

73, Brad wd9hdz@arrl.net

January 2, 2015