WD8Q - Henry L. Koenig WD8Q

Henry L. Koenig
Lucas, OH

QCWA # 35657
Chapter 117

Was licensed in August of 1980 as KA8KXE. Been interested in ham radio much longer (1958). Learned the code at Hickam AFB Hawaii in 1962 at the base MARS station. Like riding a bicycle, never forgot it. Took less than 3 weeks to get up to 7-8 WPM in 1980. LOVE CW. My motto is: "Anyone can talk. With a little effort you can learn and use Morse Code". Gear owned.....not much.......Kenwood TS-520S, Ten-Tec Jupiter, Yaesu VX-5, and ICOM 02-AT. Antenna....180 foot dipole fed with 450 ohm ladder line. Earned Extra Class in 1986....talk about nervous....20 WPM for six straight minutes....still don't know on what terms I passed....never asked. Changed call later that year to WD8Q. Today I'm very comfortable with 20 WPM.

After four years in the USAF, got employed in 1965 with the telephone industry, Ohio Bell Telephone and when the Bell System broke up in 1984, went to AT&T. Retired with 34 years service in July of 1999.

I've been doing Volunteer Examiner work since 1984 as a member of IARC in Mansfield OH. ARRL member since 1981.

Have three grown children; Scott ,living in Japan with wife and child. Scott living in Japan teaches english at a middle school. He is married and has a son. Darrell ,lives in Abu Dhabi UAE and is a captain flying Boeing 777's and soon Boeing 787's with Etihad Airlines. Lisa who lives nearby with her husband and two kids. Lisa is a pretty good photographer and is turning professional.

Been happily married for 53 years to Barbara.....don't think she'll ever be licensed.

After being off the air for a number of years started listening to the Ohio Slow Net (CW) after putting up antenna in Dec 2002. Am a graduate of Maryland Slow Net training class. A great bunch of folks. Became Ohio Slow Net (OSN) manager in April of 2004 and setpping down the end of 2014. Operate in HBSN, HBN, BN, 8RN, EAN and OSSBN handling traffic.

If you haven't really gotten involved with CW operation. Join FISTS and get a "Code Buddy". They will work with you at any speed. After being licensed for nearly 34 years at this writing, I can't believe how my CW recieving quality has improved after being involved in regular nets.

Folks, please don't let CW die. Once you get used to it, you'll love it. It is a part of our amateur radio history and almost the only thing left in amateur radio that is a acquired skill. It's my 'foreign language'.

October 13, 2016