WD8E - Francis 'Fritz' Tender WD8E

Francis 'Fritz' Tender
Hebron, OH

QCWA # 32028

I was born in Washington, PA where I was licensed in 1967 as WN3IDW, within a year I upgraded and became WA3IDW. Moving to Ohio in 1968 I was issued WB8HII which I held until the mid 1980s when I upgraded to Extra and was issued WD8E.

I retired in 2002 from the Department of Defense (DOD) after working for the Air Force (AF), Navy, and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). During my 34 year DOD career my duties ranged from Inertial Guidance Computer Repairman for the Minuteman I ICBM (USAF) to Program Manager for the NAVY.

Retirement offered me the opportunity to volunteer at the Buckeye Lake Museum Buckeye Lake Ohio, join the board of the Hopewell FCU Heath OH, and co-found QCWA MID-OHIO Chapter 212.

Currently I am the ARRL Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for Central Ohio, an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE), a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), and the Monday Net Control Station (NCS) for the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN). However, DXing is by far my favorite activity.

July 7, 2013