WD5DBC Director    
Trustee - W2CVF


Howard Cunningham Jr.
5537 Ann Peake Dr
Fairfax, VA 22032-3001

QCWA #31115

I am a member of the Vic Clark Chapter, Chapter 91, of the QCWA. I was first licensed as WD5DBC in 1976 in Arlington, Texas while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. I have been or am a current member of the Dallas Amateur Radio Club, Arlington Amateur Radio Club, Northern Virginia FM Association (NVFMA), Vienna Wireless Club, National Capital ARES Council, and the Amateur Radio Research and Development Corp. (AMRAD). I am a life member of the ARRL as well as an ARRL and W5YI VE. I am active in ARES and have been an Emergency Coordinator and am currently a District Emergency Coordinator. My ARES activities have lead to my being the Vice-Chairman of the Fairfax County Citizen's Corp Council. I have experience on amateur radio boards of directors as a former member of the board for AMRAD and a current member of the board of the NVFMA. I am active on many bands from 80 meters to 1.2 GHz.

September 1, 2012