Jonathan W. 'Jack' Demaree
Versailles, IN

QCWA # 36819
WB9OTX - Jonathan W. 'Jack' Demaree

My nick name is Jack, I like to rag chew and work DX. I've been a Ham for over 45 Yrs. I work 75 Mtrs through 440MHz. I am not a RCRA or RCARC member. Some of my other calls are WN9GOA, ZF2GO ,VP5/wb9otx and J6/wb9otx . I also work the FM satellites. Look for me on 2 Mtr Moon Bounce, JT65HF & JT9. My antennas are CushCraft A3S triband for 20, 15,and 10 mtrs, Full size 1/4 wave vertical with 60 radials for 40, Also on 40 is a 2 element phased vertical array with 120 radials and a full wave length Delta loop on 75. The EME antennas are 4X CushCraft 215WB Boomers. Arrow antenna and a handheld on the FM satellites. HF rig is Kenwood TS-590B & Ten-Tec 425 amplifier. Look for me on D-STAR reflector 30C or 01C. Also 144.200 USB. I can run the full legal limit but I love QRP and have several low power rigs, one being a Yaesu FT-817 that I work JT9 & JT65 with. The interfaces are from West Mountain. The FT-817 is a great little 5 watt rig and works perfect with West Mountain's Plug & Play.

I also run a propagation beacon on 28.299.5. Please send reports via email or direct. Other QSOs use eQSL, HRDLOG, or LOTW - No buro please
73, Jack

WB9OTX - Jonathan W. 'Jack' Demaree

September 08, 2015