WB8YWA - James W. Horton WB8YWA

James W. Horton
Lewisville, TX

QCWA # 33499
Chapter 41

Hello, I have been a Ham Radio Operator since the mid 70's. I enjoy, good rag chewing, DX on 20,15 & 10, Working 6 Meter, building the station, working at the test bench, building and working on antennas and small projects. I guess the most enjoyable is when I get to talk with my many old Ham Radio friends.

Enjoy Monday/Saturday morning rag chew on 14.274 MHz or 7.195 with my close friends of many years at 0700 CMT, 7290 Traffic Net and when I can check into the Western Kansas 160 Meter Net every Tuesday evening at 8 PM CMT on 1.960 MHz. In last but not less, Wednesday 8 PM North Texas SWOT Net.

Have WAS 6 Meters #1276, yes only 1,275 hams before me, using ICOM 746 100 watts and homebrew 5 element at 40 feet. Dated 2/16/2006. I had 49 states when I lived in Coleman, MI in 1976/77, but left area for work in 1980 and had to start all over. Started in January 2000 from here in Lewisville, Texas and finished February 2006.

Member of 10-10 #36518, SMIRK #1219, S.W.O.T. #1125.

Station when out traveling in the Truck and 5th Wheel is Icom 706 MKIIG with Hustler whip when moving, ICOM 756 PROII or 746, ALS-500 with Jetstream 70 AMP supply, for antennas I use modified Buddipole when set up in RV, have dipoles cut for 40 & 20 when space permits. Have 2 meter Squalo and modified arrow antenna for 2 & 432 SSB.

March 10, 2015