Gerd H. Schrick
Dayton, OH

QCWA # 24359
Chapter 9
WB8IFM - Gerd H. Schrick

Gerd, fascinated with the 'Action at a Distance' since high school was first licensed in 1951. He did a lot of home brewing and experimenting in those days. However, what interests him to this day, is the sensation of talking to a person at the other end of the world with his own equipment. He got into amateur satellites, as soon as they provided this capability. The first contact on AO-10 was with Italy in 1984. He has since been hooked on the Phase 3 satellites. In the past two years he spent over 3 months helping with the building of P3d. He is 'retired' from work as an Electronics Engineer and presently divides his time being AMSAT Area Coordinator for SW-Ohio, President of QCWA Chapter 9, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor of the Midwest VHF/UHF Society among other 'diversions'.

February 14, 2013