Gerd H. Schrick
Dayton, OH

QCWA # 24359
Chapter 9
WB8IFM - Gerd H. Schrick

Gerd, fascinated with the 'Action at a Distance' since high school was first licensed in 1951. He did a lot of home brewing and experimenting in those days. However, what interests him to this day, is the sensation of talking to a person at the other end of the world with his own equipment. He got into amateur satellites, as soon as they provided this capability. The first contact on AO-10 was with Italy in 1984. He has since been hooked on the Phase 3 satellites. In the past two years he spent over 3 months helping with the building of P3d. He is 'retired' from work as an Electronics Engineer and presently divides his time being AMSAT Area Coordinator for SW Ohio, President of QCWA Chapter 9, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor of the Midwest VHF/UHF Society among other 'diversions'.

February 14, 2013