John A. Cooper
Virginia Beach, VA

QCWA # 37499
Chapter 119
WB3AYG - John A. Cooper

I am located on the outer banks of Virginia in a condominium located on the Atlantic Ocean. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and bay is to the south and west. I'm only a few feet above sea level but have a really good and watery ground plane. North Carolina is my nearest neighbor.

I was originally licensed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1975. My original call was WN3AYG back in the time when the "N" designation was used for a novice. The call was reissued as WB3AYG when I passed the upgrade test. The new call and it's privileges could not be used until the "ticket" was received in the mail from the FCC.

Over the years I've been more or less active in Amateur Radio. I am now retired from the defense industry and have more time for radio. My one and only personal QSL card is from 1977. From this photo my Kenwood TS-520 transceiver (new at the time), Drake 2B receiver, and Dentron tuner are really outdated. However, my son, Jason, is still excited about daddy's toys.

Today my Amateur Radio station is a FlexRadio 6500 SDR located in a 19-inch equipment rack along with a server and Internet connection.  The server enables me to run remote operation.

I envy radio Amateurs that have well equipped radio shacks with lots of equipment, computers, reference books, and wallpaper of their radio achievements. I, on the other hand, have a "radio shack" that is located in a garage next to the right front fender of my car.

WB3AYG - John A. Cooper

WB3AYG - John A. Cooper

WB3AYG - John A. Cooper

September 10, 2017