WB2UZT - Jerry & Hanna Van Note WB2UZT

Gerald E. 'Jerry' Van Note
Amarillo, TX

QCWA # 23010

Jerry was born and raised in Neptune, Asbury Park, New Jersey. He joined the Marine Corps as a young man, he served 1954 - 1957. Remember, there are no Ex-Marines. "You can take the Marine out of the Corps, but you can't take the Corps out of the Marine!!"

Jerry worked for Jersey Coast Freight Lines for 30 years in Neptune, NJ. He was also a volunteer fireman in Neptune for many years. In addition Jerry served as a First Aide Person from 1976 to 1989. He started as a probie fireman and climbed all the way up the ladder to become the Neptune Fire Commissioner.

Jerry has enjoyed amateur radio for over 47 years; he received his novice license as N2UZT in 1964. His first contact was made with Richard Carr, he no longer remembers the call, on 2 AM using a Heathkit Twoer. The novice license in that era was only good for one year, he next upgraded to Tech. Jerry made the final step, upgrading to extra in September 1992.

When asked about his most memorable contact, Jerry replied that it was with King Hussein, JY1. When engaged in a QSO with him he told about his job and asked JY1 what he did for a living. To his surprise, JY1 told him that his job was serving as the King of Jordan.

He is proud of his family and extended family friends. Jerry and his wife Hanna have a son and daughter-in-law with 3 wonderful grandchildren. Jerry and his lovely wife Hanna have been married for 47 1/2 years. She is also a licensed amateur radio operator, Hanna passed the exam in 1969, her call is WA2HUW. She is a retired LVN.

The Van Notes moved to Amarillo, TX in December 1989 and love it. Jerry worked for many years as a SGT with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Amarillo, Texas. Jerry found that he couldn't retire, so he went to work for several armored truck services. He also worked for TAC Air in Amarillo for a few years.

His hobbies include amateur radio and lots of pets (5 parrots, 2 spoiled dogs, plus 2 overfed cats).

June 27, 2011