WB2REM - James I. 'Jim' Millner WB2REM

James I. 'Jim' Millner
Port Saint Lucie, FL

QCWA # 22179

I have been a Ham since 1963. I was 11 years old when I received my first call, WN2LLA. During those years if you did not get a higher class licenese within a year, you would, lose your callsign. I passed my General in January in 1965 and was issued WB2REM.

As a Ham for 51 years I have done my share of Dx operations. In fact, my wife (KA2MGR) and I went on a Honeymoon/DX Expedition in 1981 to the Galapagos Islands and operated WB2REM/HC8. My son is W2REM and brother K2DON.

Since then I have held the following calls VP2VGA, 4U1ITU (operator),VP2EREM, FO/WB2REM, G/WB2REM, 5B4/WB2REM, VP5/WB2REM, VQ5M, V31MM, V3M and lastly was issued one of the 4 US licenses to operate out of Communist Russia (1991) UA6L/WB2REM.

I am active on all bands. I conducted a SAREX contact for the Lawrence Township Public Schools and have spoken to the MIR Space Station (when it was in space), The Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

I have published 7 articles, three in QST on internet linking. The first article was published in 1995. I also published in 73 and CQ Magazines.

I developed the first internet linking interfaces. They can be seen at http://www.ilinkboards.com

WB2REM - James I. 'Jim' Millner
Pam, KA2MGR and Jim, WB2REM

WB2REM - James I. 'Jim' Millner

October 24, 2015