Raymond M. 'Ray' Burns
Peru, NY

QCWA # 32834
WB2MLY - Raymond M. 'Ray' Burns

I have been a ham since 1969 and have an Advanced Class license. Hobbies include ham radio, skiing, biking , bicycle mobiling. I am an electrical engineer and graduated from the University of Pa. in 1966 with a B.S.E.E. degree . I work in a paper mill in Plattsburgh NY. Station is a Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver , GAP Challenger vertical antenna and a Windom antenna cut for 160 meters for hf, Ringo Ranger 2 for 2 meters Ringo Ranger also in use for 70cm. Using aTenTec 238 tuner for matching . Computer is an HP Pavilion @ 230n , using Hamscope for PSK-31 and a PK-232 with PK Gold software for RTTY .For mobile operation I use aTS 480withvarious hamsticksfor 10,15,17,20 and 40. I also use a KJ7U screwdriver for the lower bands 60-160. For mobile vhf I have an Icom V-8000 with a dual band Diamond antenna on the back rail of the pick up. I am now using the Yaesu 857D for my bicycle mobile. It was just too difficult to be heard with the Yaesu 817. Being heard more often now and enjoying it more.

WB2MLY - Raymond M. 'Ray' Burns

December 12, 2015