WB2LQF - Stanley J 'Stan' Levandowski Jr WB2LQF

Stanley J 'Stan' Levandowski Jr
Fishkill, NY

QCWA # 35038

In the early 60s I was first licensed as Novice WN2LQF. Then I spent some time as Technican WB2LQF. I earned my General in the summer of 1964. In addition to the Amateur Extra Class license, I also hold the GROL with Ship Radar Endorsement, the GMDSS Maintainer's License, and the commercial Second Class Radiotelegraph Certificate. I am an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.

A proud US NAVY veteran, I served as a Radioman 2nd Class aboard the USS BOXER (LPH-4) during the Vietnam war years. I belong to the USS BOXER Veterans Organization and the American Legion. I am a Life Member of the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum where I volunteer as a tour guide aboard the museum ship USS SLATER (DE766). I am also a member of the ship's "Radio Gang." If you are interested in working the last WWII destroyer escort afloat in America, then check out WW2DEM here at QRZ for frequencies and days.

After a splendid thirty year technical and management career in programming and information systems with IBM Corporation, I retired to teach at a nearby four year college for another 17 years. Eventually, I concluded that full retirement beat working for a living. Working is highly overrated!

Now I have plenty of time for amateur radio and my other lifelong interests. These include aviation (I built my own Experimental-Category aircraft), astronomy (I've spent many a cold winter night taking deep sky astrophotographs) and writing (I've published a few articles in QST and other places).

HF CW QRP is my primary interest and my station reflects this niche area of our hobby. I have one rig, an Elecraft KX3, and one simple wire antenna in my attic. My antenna is a multi-band 94 foot center fed Zepp loaded via an SGC-237 autocoupler. In the picture below, there is a Samlex 25 amp switch-mode power supply on the left side of the shelf. Next to it is an Elecraft W2 SWR/Wattmeter and next to the W2 is the Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier. On the operating desk, the KX3 is between the Elecraft PX3 Panadapter and the Begali CW Machine. My station laptop is right where it needs to be to act as my "mill" and to give me complete control of the CW Machine which is a truly remarkable piece of engineering. Hanging on the wall are my "cans" - the David Clark 10S stereo headset with adjustable left/right volume controls which are perfect for working split with the KX3 Dual Watch function. To the right, where there is plenty of arm room, I have one single lever paddle (the Begali Adventure MONO), one iambic paddle (the kit-built ScQRPion #691), one bug (the Frattini Evolution), one sideswiper (the Frattini Dyna Maniflex) and one straight key (the kit-built American Morse KK1B). The Replogle world globe was a $50 splurge and I wish I'd treated myself to one a whole lot earlier in my ham radio life. Maps are easier to read, less expensive and easily updatable but there is nothing like a globe to really give you an accurate picture of where you are in relation to your DX. This is all I need to work the world!

I am partial to "bug" and "cootie" use. I enjoy the challenge of forming the most accurate Morse characters I can, inserting proper spacing, and managing the smoothest transition between dits and dahs. My bug or sideswiper goes nice and slow just as easily as it goes nice and fast! It's my pleasure to match your speed!

INORC #611OOTC #4558 QCWA #35038 SKCC #6488
NAQCC #4740 FISTS #14992 QRP ARCI #14321FP #3476

After 50+ years, I no longer routinely initiate paper QSL cards but anyone who sends me a paper QSL first will most certainly receive my QSL card in return. While I no longer chase paper, I realize it's important to others. I also regularly upload to LoTW. I do not use eQSL.

For those who might be so inclined I have a personal website at: http://www.wb2lqf.com where you can explore my station equipment in greater detail, examine my rather unique antenna situation, and peruse some of the articles I've written.

Thanks and 73,

WB2LQF - Stanley J 'Stan' Levandowski Jr

February 12, 2015