WB2HPR - John S. 'Steve' Van Sickle WB2HPR

John S. 'Steve' Van Sickle
Troy, NY

QCWA # 33904

I was a newly licensed novice in 1963. I built much of my own equipment and always enjoyed home brewing and CW. Still operate my novice station (see pic) and like pounding brass. (FISTS # 11921) Member of QCWA and Troy (NY) ARA. Active on all bands from 3.5-440 mHz. Have been retired since April 2007 from GE Silicones (now Momentive Performance Materials) where I worked as an electronics technician, maintaining 2-way radios and other communication systems for 23 years. I have witnessed a tremendous change in technology over this time span. Have been located at this QTH since 1976, using various antennas and equipment to talk locally or chase DX on occasion. Also, enjoy HF operation from my car (even work CW). The greatest thing about our hobby is there is never a boring moment, always something new to learn, and a chance to help others. Hope to talk to you soon - 73 - John "Steve" - WB2HPR

April 30, 2015