WB2HLM - William E. 'Bill' Waller WB2HLM

William E. 'Bill' Waller
Cooperstown, NY

QCWA # 37912
First Call: WN2HLM

Bill Waller WB2HLM:

Latest contest:
NY QSO Party 2016: Plans included a 280 foot loop antenna fed with open wire line and the FT 817 on CW. New this time was a contest keyer and a new jeweled Vibroplex key, so hopefuly the failure of the iambic key that occurred in 2015 will not repeat, but I will not have the 4 yo granddaughter around to bring me my 1962 Vibroplex bug that I used to finish that contest. I am sure Murphy will visit anyway!!

Did pretty well with that setup: Won the QRP Award:

Old info:
Picture is of my sailboat, Summerwine, the site for 2016 Field Day. I operated mobile from the Otsego Sailing Club in Cooperstown on beautiful Otsego Lake. Running the FT 817 with 5 W to a 20M dipole, 40M tuned feeder dipole, a 15 M hamstick vert and a multiband vertical. It was a great time. Made 25 CW contacts, mostly 20 and 40. Lots of folks stopped by to see what I was doing and also had an article in the local paper, The Freeman's Journal! Finished 12th overall!

In March, passed the Extra Class Exam! Over 50 years an Advanced licensee, finally took the Extra exam. Also studied and became a VEC. Did first test session last July with the Oneonta Club.

2015 NY QSO Party; 95 contacts with FT 817 and a temporary 2 El 20M Quad set up in the back yard. Took it down after the contest; had fun, worked Switzerland with 5 W 20 M SSB!

ARRL DX Phone 2016; 25 countries worked with the long wire and 5 W! Worked Morocco for the first time. XYL let me spend a Sunday afternoon at the rig.

A proud Grandfather; Jessica Leigh and William Maxwell in Seattle, WA. Kira Rae, Charlie and Naomi in Alexandria VA, Kate in San Diego, CA. Mostly mobile on 2m FM and the occasional FD or contest; operating QRP with a FT 817 and a 125 foot end fed long wire. Retired but work more than full time with my wife in her floral shop in Cooperstown.

Sometimes, I have the chance to work on the release of my newest book: "Tales From the Tunnicliff Inn." Last year's novel, "Tales From Table Number One," is still on Amazon.com and doing well. All proceeds go to the Cooperstown Food Pantry. Maybe they will feed me in my old age!

You can go to my website and learn more, also more pictures!! http://wb2hlm.wix.com/mysite

WB2HLM - William E. 'Bill' Waller

WB2HLM - William E. 'Bill' Waller

WB2HLM - William E. 'Bill' Waller

January 30, 2019