David J. 'Dave' Struebel
Butler, NJ

QCWA # 25326
WB2FTX - David J. 'Dave' Struebel

Section Traffic Manager (STM) for Northern New Jersey. ARRL Section, Eastern Area Digital Coordinator for NTS Digital.(NTSD) NTS Digital Regional hub for Regions 2 and 8 (2RN and 8RN), Eastern Area and TCC functions (EAN to CAN and PAN) running fully automated ic Winlink Classic MBO Eastern Area Hub on 80, 40,30, 20, 17 and 15 meters using Pactor 1, 2, and 3 with transfer of NJ NTS into a NTS/Packet distribution system for all 21 NJ counties utilizing 2 NTS/PBBS hubs developed by me and STM SNJ. Founded local VHF NTS net- New Jersey VHF Net, (NJVN) 7:30 PM local daily 146.295/146.895 PL 151.4. Other activities include public sevice, APRS, SSTV, ATV, and PSK31. UHF repeater 449.925/444.925 PL 151.4 and 2 meter 147.735/147.135 PL 141.3 both linked to Morris County (NJ) Office of Emergency Management repeater WS2Q 146.295/146.895. Under construction is cross band (902 in, 427.25 out) with auxillary input of 439.25 MHz fast scan ATV repeater. Future projects include ATV inputs on 1.2 GHz plus FM voice repeaters on 902 MHz and 1.2 Ghz bands

September 04, 2015