WBØMMZ - Joseph P. Green WBØMMZ

Joseph P. Green
Orlando, FL

QCWA # 36388
Chapter 45

I was first licensed in 1974 at the age of 16. My original call was WNØMMZ. In addition to being an Extra Class ham since 1993, I also hold a General Radiotelephone Operator's License with Radar Endorsement, GMDSS Operator/Maintainer License and Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate.

I was born and raised in Iowa and lived in the midwest for most of my life until 2010. I now live in Orlando, FL with my wife, Shari. We have 2 adult daughters. I am a retired mortician and electronics has always been my getaway. I enjoy restoring, repairing and modifying radios, as well as kit building. Ham radio is fun, but can be challenging at times. It has kept me busy for over 40 years. I hope to make it another 40. Hi, hi.

Most of my on air time is cw. My radios are a Patcomm PC-16000A HF transceiver, Yaesu FT-620B 6 meter rig and a Heathkit HW-8, which is super modified. The HW-8 has digital readout, internal keyer, internal 200Hz cw filter, both power and s-meter, power on LED and increased the power to almost 5 watts. This project took me about 20 hours to design and build. l live in an apartment, so my antennas are limited. l have an end fed random wire running the entire length of the apartment as well as a hookup to the rain gutter system, which works very well with my LDG Z100 autotuner.

January 23, 2015