WA9JMO - Larry Mc Calvy Director 2007 - 2012
Vice President 2012 - Present


Larry Mc Calvy
4825 Richmond DR
Racine, WI 53406-1547

QCWA # 22155
Chapters 55, 120 & 162

Larry McCalvy was first licensed in September of 1963 as WN9JMO, at the age of 25, upgraded to General in July of 1964 as WA9JMO and became a QCWA life member in 1988 with current Chapter memberships in 55, 120 and 162. Larry was editor from 1976 to 1978 of a 14-club Amateur Radio publication called the Hamateur and has written sporadic articles for other Ham journals and Senior magazines. Larry and his wife Wendy, N9PAC live on a 44-acre Equestrian Horse Boarding Ranch in Racine, Wisconsin. When not heavily engaged in "Horse" chores, the McCalvy's enjoy traveling to foreign lands with Russia topping the list as the most favorite place. But anyplace a cruise ship stops also ranks high on the list.

Larry served three-years with the United States Marine Corps 1955-1958, and retired from the Army Reserves in 1998, the same year he retired from the Trucking Industry. Larry served as Convention Chair when Chapter 162 hosted the 2001 Caribbean Cruise Convention and both are trying for a repeat performance when they host the 2005 Alaskan Convention Cruise.

Larry's other interests and hobbies include community volunteerism and photography. He serves on various committees and panels around the state of Wisconsin dealing with senior issues and concerns. With similar roles in Southeastern Wisconsin's Amateur Radio groups, he finds his time does not go as far as he would like. But as a "people" person, Larry would not have it any other way. He just loves to be involved.

September 1, 2012