Alan L. 'Al' Stubbe
Chesapeake, VA

QCWA # 34877
Chapter 119
WA9IWS - Alan L. 'Al' Stubbe

First licensed as a Tech in 1962 in the Chicago area then updated to Advanced in 1972. Finally picked up my Extra ticket in 2006 in Virginia. Other calls held were KH6JQV and KA4LOJ. In the summer of 1962 my drivers license was suspended for an excessive amount of speeding tickets on a Honda Super Hawk. So getting my ham ticket at that time made my transportationless summer more bearable.

I entered the Navy (submarine force) in 1966 and retired as an ETC in 1988 in S.E. Virginia. Then I retired again from a government-contracting job as a communication electronic technician in 2007.

My rig is an IC-746 Pro and a IC-2200H for 2mtrs. The antennas include a Cushcraft MA5B mini tribander, homebrew 43' vertical, Carolina Windom, 5 element Cushcraft for 6mtrs, and a 2mtr J-Pole. For mobile ops, I run a IC-7000 and a Lil Tarheel II antenna for HF and 5/8 wave for 2mtrs. I operate SSB and BPSK.

I'm an amateur astronomer and the shack is next to the observatory. My main telescope is a 8" reflector with a 66 mm refractor mounted on it. Both scopes have cameras and all I have to do is sit in the shack and operate the scopes from the computer in the shack. It beats observing outside in the cold of winter or the heat of summer with all the bugs.

The XYL and I also enjoy riding around on a 1999 Harley Davidson Road King Classic. With a trailer in tow and a pet carrier mounted on the trailer, our mini dachshunds and us ride around the country and enjoy the retired life.

That's all from this end...BTU


January 27, 2015