WA6OEF - Preston N. Peterson WA6OEF

Preston N. Peterson
Clovis, CA

QCWA # 35681
Chapter 213

Hello - and thanks for looking me up. I am currently using a FT-450D, a R-6000 vertical for 20-6m and a Buddipole for 30 and 40m. For QRP, a Ten-Tec R4020 and Yaesu FT-857D.

May through September, I opperate portable at Shaver Lake, CA. DM07ic... The XYL and I are campground hosts there for the last five years and love the Sierra Mountains. Shaver Lake elevation is around 5500' and the campground is very wooded making antenna setup a challenge.

WA6OEF - Preston N. Peterson

My 10X #15833 SKCC #8603T NAQCC #5781 FISTS #15666 QCWA #35681 GORC #437

I became interested in Ham radio in 1966 when I met Stan Babcock, AC6TO / WB6HVA. With his help I got my novice license at the age of 16. My love for CW came from watching and listening to Stan work CW traffic nets. After I became proficient with CW, my attention turned to DX... Stan Ostrom, W6XP, mentored me in that area. Those early years would find me sending code much faster and chasing DX... Now, after retiring to a mobile home park, code speed is much slower and antennas are much smaller - but hey, I am still having a lot of fun!

Upon my retirement in 2010 from Central USD, I wanted to do something physically challenging. My son had recently climbed Mt. Whitney and his stories about the climb intrigued me. So I decided to show him his old man still had something left. I have to admit I wanted to see if I had anything left too! So my goal was to climb Mt.Whitney - the highest summit in the contiguous United States at an elevation of 14,505 feet. The hike is 22 miles with an elevation gain of over 6100 feet.After sitting in front of a computer for 25 years... the climb was challenging but rewarding!

I love the outdoors and hiking, but mountain climbing wasn't very big on my list. But in hind site, I am glad I did and would love to do it again... but next time I will take a radio!

March 3, 2015