WA6FWI - Jeff Angus WA6FWI

Jeffery D 'Jeff' Angus
Torrance, CA

QCWA # 25779

Licensed in 1967 WA6FWI, worked for several local Amatuer radio companies and the Areospace industry for the past 30 years. Managed to put together a copy of my original novice station for SKN 1997. Heathkit DX-20, Hammarlund HQ-110 and BC-453 "Q-Fiver". Currently running WA6FWI packet BBS and recently upgraded to Extra. Life Member QCWA.

photo courtesy of WA6FWI
July 1971 - Far left cabinet, Homebrew 813 Apmlifier

Photo courtesy of WA6FWI
Febuary 1972 - Hammerlund HX-50, National RAO-7.s
I still have the Vibroplex! ( Oct 31, 2003 )

73, Jeff
(Still at it after all these years)

November 5, 2013