WA4SQM - Ken Edwards WA4SQM

Ken Edwards
Lawrenceville, GA

QCWA # 34968
Chapter 49

I have been licensed since 1964. I spent a career in Naval Aviation, primarily operating out of the Pacific area aboard various carriers deployed to the Seventh Fleet. I flew the EA-3B, S-3A and a variety of training command aircraft.

My first radio was a marginal Hallicrafters S-20R and Viking Adventurer with a handful of crystals. Over the years, I have operated from various locations here in the states and also in Guam...aeronautical mobile off the Soviet far east...Diego Garcia, and the Mediterranean.

I was granted the vanity callsign of my grandfather- WA4SQM- Leo Nielsen originally from Fredericia, Denmark. He is directly responsible for my lifelong interest in radio and particularly, Morse code.

My Webpage: http://www.wa4sqm.com

ARRL Life Member, and a member of: QCWA, SEDXC, QRP ARCI, Flying Pigs QRP Club, SKCC, NAQCC and FISTS

WA4SQM - Ken Edwards

January 5, 2013