WA3SXX - Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer WA3SXX

Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer
Orlando, FL

QCWA # 33465
Chapter 45


I was licensed in 1972 as WN3SXX in Washington D.C and operated from my folk's row house on a small city lot. My transmitter then was the home brewed Inexpensive 75 Watter from the 1965 Ham Radio Handbook. My receiver was a Military SP700. My Dad helped me mount a 25 foot aluminum mast to an upstairs window sill which provided many (but difficult) contacts around the U.S. and close in DX. I upgraded to Advaned Class in 1973. Operating from my first QTH in the District of Columbia must have been as rare DX to all other operators as everyone wanted my QSL!

Now, while living in Florida my main Rig is the Icom 756 Pro (one) used mostley for chasing DC and some contesting. My favorite mode is CW and during the ARRL Centenial this station worked 50 states mostly using CW and my attic space 80 meter Doublet. This is my main antenna. I have presented Power Point slide tutorials at Ham Fest forums describing how to construct a limited space HF antenna while living in a deed restricted Community. I also enjoy SSB and RTTY.

Featured also is my vintage AM Gear. As a Gonset equipment collector the exciter is the model Commander (circa 1955) crystal controlled on 3885 kc. driving the Gonset GSB-201 linear amplifier. An EF Johnson Matchbox trans-matches the attic antenna. The AM receiver is a Hammarlund HQ-129X. Before acquiring a Commander the primary Vintage AM Rig was the Gonset G-76, featuring AM/CW 80 through 6 meter coverage. The GSB-201 was but a few steps away from being discarded until being rescued and rehabed with the help of Stan, WA4NFY. The white box labeled Controls is a home brew Amplifier controller designed to sequence relays and source PTT control signals to the Commander and GSB-201 amplifier. It also provides manual Soft-startup to the amplifier. My AM station can be heard on the air every Sunday morning joining into the Florida AM Group Sunday morning get together (flamgroup.com).

Ham Radio is my joy and always a learning experience. I have proved that one can indeed operate from a deed restricted Community.

I am now in LOTW and will QSL via the bureau and direct to US Hams.

73, Rich

WA3SXX - Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer

WA3SXX - Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer

WA3SXX - Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer

WA3SXX - Richard S. 'Rich' Fischer

February 21, 2017