WA3EOP - Walter P. 'Page' Pyne WA3EOP

Walter P. 'Page' Pyne
Hagerstown, MD

QCWA # 34400
Chapter 222

Hello, I'm "Page" WA3EOP. Back in the mid 60's I was WN3EOP and when the N changed to an A , I became phonetically known as We Are 3 Elephants on Patrol.

I've been around a while and am showing my age. I'm a member of QRP ARCI (3017) of the Century Club Nets (too many numbers- Hi), the OMISS (3031) and the YL-ISSB (14767), in 10-10 (46999) and a host of others. Brag sheet I guess would include DXCC, Worked all States YL on 40 meters on one frequency and worked all State Capitals on the same frequency. (Its a Century Club thing.)

I'm a life member of the Antietam Radio Association (W3CWC) and the Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) ham club. I'm a co-founder of the Cheese Hollow ARS (Trustee currently of W3HAM) and also belong to the Itchycoo Park VHF ARS.(WA3NUL) and was the Charter Year President of the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Chapter (#222) of the QCWA. I'm somewhat active from my pocket rocket mobile on H.F.

In my past life I was a Phone Activities Manager for ARRL MDC Section and was the editor of Radio Sheet Magazine. Also wrote the long out of print "Radio Sheet's Road To A ham License" book.

I'm currently a member of the Maryland Emergency Phone Net too.

Usually I'm heard most these days I guess on the OMISS Net on 14.290. Evenings I may be on the Century Club on 7.2345 or 3.902 or and OMISS on 7.185. If you hear me on, give me a shout. ( Both are complimentary organizations ,CCN and OMISS.)

If you need a contact for WAS from PA, MD, or WV my mobile is ready a few days or evenings each month. In the Pocket Rocket , the Pocket Rocket is an almost Ford Micro Car, a Festiva from 1990. The Antenna now is a Hi-Q RT 3/80 Short and its actually held on by a Diamond Trunk Lip Mount. Have made some great contacts on 75 with it which is amazing considering how small the rocket is. But 20-40 and 75 are the most used mobile bands.

I also sponsor a free "Found The Elephants" award to those stations who over time work me in 6 or more different states. Simply email me your name, call, address and contact information and your award will be on its way shortly. There are no time limit or band limitations. For the more dedicated Elephant Hunters I also offer the Still Seeing Elephants Award for a contact with me in 13 different states.

When qsls are requested I prefer to paper QSL, being old, I'm old fashioned but I will honor qsl requests from eqsl. Flash, I'm using LOTW now as well. I guess you can teach an old guy some new tricks.

October 23, 2014