WA2YL - December 24, 2007

Janice R. 'Jan' Scheuerman
Cape Coral, Florida
QCWA #28261
Secretary Chapter 196

Young Ladies Radio League First and foremost, I am a Child of God. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have the unique opportunity to travel to Jamaica on a "short-term" mission...to help in the clinics and witness to the islanders.

Topping my list of favorite things to do, of course, is ham radio. I enjoy being a YL. In radio circles this means "female operator", but the words stand for "young lady"...no matter HOW old you may be! I like that! I've been talking in Morse Code now for over 40 years, and it holds the same fascination for me today that it did in the beginning. There's nothing in the world like sending out a CQ and wondering who will answer...or if ANYONE will hear it. Mostly I've been a CW nut (that's a code-type person) handling traffic on the ARRL nets.

Jan's favorite Song was "Crazy" written by Willy Nelson and performed by Patsy Cline.

Formerly KJ4N and WB2JCE......licensed in 1963 as WN2JCE. Primarily a cw operator on the traffic nets. Operated as ZK2JS from Niue Island during all-yl DXpedition in 1988, with (SK)Mary Lou Brown-NM7N, who was ZK2MB for the week's DXpedition.

I love operating mobile CW while traveling between Florida and New Jersey ... also active on ECARS and SCARS while mobile, and check into my regular traffic nets. Mobile rig is a TS480 with a Vibroplex paddle on the seat. Antenna is usually the Outbacker Plus, but sometimes I use a Hustler or a Hamstick.

Jan WA2YL, Mobile CW Jan WA2YL, Operating from Niue Island, 1988 Jan WA2YL, K2BR at the Miss America Pagent Jan KJ4N (now WA2YL) with the W2SWE Plaque, Dec 2000