WA2ARS - Mort Cohen Treasurer

Mort Cohen, WA2ARS
1972 Martina Street
Apopka, FL 32703-1558

QCWA # 16889

I received my first license in 1958,WV2ARS, changed to WA2ARS in l959. In 2000 I upgraded to Extra Class.

I retired from the New York City Police Department in 1982 and moved to Florida in 1985. Since then I have been active in local ham clubs. .

I joined QCWA in 1983 and have been active in Citrus Chapter #45 since joining.

Since 1995 I have been Treasurer and Membership Chairman of Chapter #45. At the present time I also update National membership records and request certificates for members of Chapter #45.

Chapter #45 sponsored the National QCWA Convention in 2002 in Kissimmee, FL. I was on the committee and acted as Treasurer and Reservation Chairman for the Convention.

In 1988 I was president of the Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Club in Winter Springs, FL. Currently, I am an active member of the club.

In the years 2005 to 2010 I worked with the Orlando HamCation, as Reservation Chairman and Treasurer. I was also Treasurer of the Orlando Amateur Radio Club. Besides the regular duties of Treasurer, I worked with the accountant to complete the 990 income tax form. I also worked with the accountant to convert Orlando Amateur Radio Club from a 501C(4) to a 501(C3) non-profit organization. Also worked with a legal firm to Copyright 'HamCation'.

In 2008, I was a member of Tally Committee for 2008 QCWA National Elections

I received two Presidental awards from National.QCWA, in 2005 and 2008

In 2008, I Received QCWA Century Club Award and 50 Year Continuuously Licensed Award At the present time I'm a member of Chapter #45 and Suwannee Chapter #62.

Since 2008 I have attended local hamfests, helping to set up the QCWA booth and talk to members and prospective members. Usually attend five or six hamfests per year.

My wife, Roberta, and I have been married for almost 56 years. In 2011 Roberta was made an honorary member of National QCWA. She became licensed in June 2011, and has the call WA2FRW. We have two adult children.

From: www.qrz.com:
Name Mort Cohen. Licensed since 1958 and hold an Extra Class License.

Originally from Brooklyn NY,also lived in Queens NY and Centereach L.I.

Moved to the Orlando FL area in August of 1985.

I'm Past President of the Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society and the Central Florida Repeater Association, a member and Treasurer of Citrus Chapter #45 and a member of Suwannee Chapter #62 QCWA.

Rig: Icom 746 PRO
Antennas: G5RV, Eagle One Vertical
Linear: Ameritron 811H

November 3, 2012