WAØRSE - Paul Beckman WAØRSE

Paul Beckman
Mendota Heights, MN

QCWA # 32364
Chapter 8

I have been licensed since 1967. A few years earlier Bob, WØAUS(SK), showed a bunch of Cub Scouts how amateur radio RTTY worked in his basement shack. He elmered me through the process of earning my General and got me on the air with a rock-bound 6L6 transmitter.

I've worked my way through a number of the facets of ham radio through the years. I'm currently involved in the HPSDR groups efforts on high-performance software-defined radio components. I like to backpack and participate in the Adventure Radio Societies "Flight of the Bumble Bees" each summer. My portable radios are and Elecraft K2, a ATS-3a, and, soon, and ATS-3b. I also run 10GHz portable here with the Northern Lights Radio Society. (It gives me a chance to stay in contact with Bob!)

As one of my ongoing projects, I am restoring a CE-100V transmitter, the same model I saw running RTTY in Bob's shack 35 years ago! I sold my beloved TS-850 to Brad, KØDBK, and moved to a FlexRadio SDR-1000 software defined radio. For HF I use a multiband trap dipole at 20 feet, mounted as an L in the backyard. After a great presentation at a local club meeting by Red, WOØW, I'm now putting together a serious lightning protection system.

As a member of ARES, I'm involved in APRS and portable SSTV, PSK, HF, and VHF operation out of my Ford Explorer. I serve as a Technical Consultant and an Official Emergency Station for the ARRL.

November 17, 2008