Kenneth A. 'Ken' Piletic
Streamwood, IL

QCWA # 35126
W9ZMR - Kenneth A. 'Ken' Piletic

First licensed in 1953 as a Novice (WN9ZMR)and upgraded within a year to General (W9ZMR) and then over the years to Advanced, and then to Amateur Extra Class. Kept the same Callsign. Also hold First Class Radiotelephone FCC Commercial License, with Ship Radar Endorsement.

VE with both ARRL VEC and W5YI VEC.

ARRL Life Member - Over 60 years continuous membership.

Early retired from IBM after 31 years. Worked Part Time at Radio Spirits for six years after retirement.

Now also operating from my "Winter QTH" in Alma, Arkansas. Not necessarily only during the cold months. You'll hear me /5 when I'm in Arkansas. E-Mail remains the same at both QTHs. While I'm in Arkansas, you can send 'snail-mail' to my Post Office box: Box 1513, Alma, AR 72921-1513.

No mailbox at the Winter QTH in Arkansas. Please use the Post Office Box above. I check it every day except Sundays.

Watch me travel on APRS: W9ZMR-9

Collector of Old Time Radio Programs on tape & digital recordings. (tune in ORCATS net on 7.238 MHz Sundays at 1300 UTC Winter, 1200 UTC Summer) ORCATS - Oldtime Radio Collectors And Traders Society. We Discuss, Trade, Collect, Preserve, and Propagate OTR during the net. (no, we don't play the programs on the air)

Also, generally on 40 or 75 meters on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss anything of interest - We call our group the VARIAGATORS (not a traffic net, just a bunch of friends) . Usual Frequency and Time Info:7.238 or 3.977.7 depending on propagation -- Starting Time is 9:30 AM Central Time. 1530 UTC Winter, 1430 UTC Summer. We usually remain in contact for two hours. Sometimes much longer. Please Feel Free to Join in if you have a wide variety of topics you'd like to discuss (no Religion or Politics please).The

Variagators now also meets on Sunday mornings immediately following the ORCATS, ie, Start Time 1400 in Winter, 1300 in Summer.

QCWA - In May of 2010, I finally joined the Quarter Century Wireless Association. In 2013 qualified for a 60-year pin. Whoopie. Small Claim To Fame:

In October of 1957 I played a small part in the tracking of Sputnik I (the first artificial satellite of the Earth (Launched by Russia)) at the University of Illinois. You can hear an interview of me describing the event on my web site, www.w9zmr.com. Click on the image of the SPUTNIK satellite near the center of my home page. The audio clip runs about fifteen minutes. You will also hear the "beeps" of Sputnik I, the actual pulses from the master tape that I recorded in 1957.

July 25, 2015