W9KIZ - Roberta J. 'Bobbie or RJ' Barmore W9KIZ

Roberta J. 'Bobbie or RJ' Barmore
Indianapolis, IN

QCWA # 35859

W9KIZ (formerly KB9GKX), Bobbi, "RJ" in Morse, is presently trying to become more active. She operates HF CW exclusively, often on 40m using a homebrew breadboarded 1937-style, crystal-controlled single 6L6 transmitter of 16 W input and an RME or National receiver or a Ten-Tec "Scout" or model 540 ("Triton") transceiver. Or any one of a number of other rigs, most of them tube-type.

She has a keen interest in straight keys and bugs and has a small collection of both. (Yes, the callsign can be pronounced "W9 'keys'!")

W9KIZ has been a licensed amateur on and off since 1972, and is younger than at least some of the gear she uses on the air.

Her blog can be found at http://retrotechnologist.blogspot.com/ (Retrotechnologist)

RJ is Chief Operator/Senior RF Technician for TV stations WTHR-DT and WALV-CD in Indianapolis, Indiana, working with state-of-the-art television transmitters and related equipment.

May 20, 2015