W9AD - May 21, 1977

Herbert S. Brier
Charter Memebr Chapter 36
Life Member # 5670

W9AD - W9EGQ - HerbHerbert Brier; CHESTERTON - Services for Herbert F. Brier, 63, of 409 S 14th St, who died Saturday at Porter Memorial Hospital, will be at 10am Thuesday at St Patrick's Catholic Church with the Rev Lawrence Heeg officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetary, Hobart. Friends may call until 9am today. Rosary will be recited at 7:30pm at the funeral home.

An invalid since the age of seven, he was the author of numerous articles on radio electronics and amateur radio, editor or Popular Electronics magazine for 17 years.

He wrote a magazine column, tutored students and edited professional manuscripts. He maintained industrial electronisc at local plants and operated the Gary emergancy raio station durinf World War II.

He was born Feb 28, 1914 in La-mont, IL, a son of Herbert and Mary (Nelson) Brier.

Surviving are his mother; a brother, Thomas of Columbia, MO; two sisters, Clair Brier and Mrs Robert Paulson, both of Chesterton.

Herbert S. Brier 1914-1977 W9EGQ - W9AD A wonderful teacher, writer and engineer. He authored various amateur and electronic columns in the 50's and beyond. Those of us who purchased, Popular Electronics, QST and CQ magazines knew Herb well and the little known fact about him was, being a paraplegic -- Herb wrote from bedside in Gary, Indiana.

In the words of W9IXG (KN9RDN) Don Michalski, B.S. in Electrical Eng from Purdue, Assoc. Director of U of Wisc space astronomy Lab in Madison where he designed telescope and instruments since 1966; also works part time engineering electronics for NASA programs. When I was getting started in ham radio in the 50's at Gary, Ind. I had the fortune to be a good friend of Herb Brier, W9EGQ. He became my mentor, an inspiration to me and hundreds of hams in northern Indiana. I will never forget him nor W9AD - W9EGQ - Herb his contributions to Amateur Radio. I spent most of my time with him at his bedside. His door to the home was always open. Walk in anytime, he'd be up either working a CW net or (most likely the Indiana Phone Net on 3910) building something on a table straddling him, entertaining other hams. Or giving a code test to someone sitting at the end of the bed, or putting together the next article for a monthly magazine. Yes, he was an engineer - self made.

These issues didn't stop Brier from being an active ham and educator. When Herb would venture out to a meeting, he would be taken in an iron lung. You would think the President of the U.S. came to the meeting. He was the center of attention, rightfully so. Hams surrounded his iron lung and you were lucky to get close enough to get a glimpse of him.

When W9EGQ made it out to a ham event, the whole community was buzzing because The Man was making a special trip in an ambulance. You were lucky to get close to his portable bed and say, HI! I still recall those days. It was no surprise that the A.R.R.L., has a yearly award dedicated to him. Excerpted from Smoke Test 1999 Email from Don Michalski May 2005, I've never seen anyone like Herb. He was quite the man and inspiration to those who knew him. Even now, I think of him all the time. You are welcome to use my material for your article. Additional items, Herb received W9AD in 1975. Mother Mary L. Nelson Brier expired age 90, 5-14-79; Aug 70 Shortwave column, farewell from W9EGQ Herb's last column.

ARRL Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year Award -- Terms of Reference

(Revised November 2003)
Herb S. Brier, W9AD, long-time CQ Novice Editor, represented the spirit of effective, caring Amateur Radio instruction. The ARRL sponsors this award, in conjunction with the Lake County (IN) Amateur Radio Club, in his memory to recognize the very best in volunteer Amateur Radio instruction and recruitment.

W9AD - W9EGQ - Herb
A. The award is bestowed upon an individual by the ARRL Board of Directors. The Programs & Services Committee of the Board shall oversee the nomination and screening process.

B. The name of the award shall be the "ARRL Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year Award."

Herbert S. Brier was born Feb. 28, 1914 in Lemont, Illinois. He died May 21, 1977 at Porter Memorial Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana, and he is buried at Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery in Hobart. Herb was a paraplegic, stricken in childhood with rheumatoid arthritis which left him bedridden for the remainder of his life. His many accomplishments, in spite of his severe disability, made him a true inspiration to many.

In 1975 Herb moved to 409 S. 14th Street in Chesterton (Porter County), but many remember that he lived at 385 Johnson Street in Gary for most of his life. Herb was first licensed in 1931 as W9EGQ, and it was in late 1976 that he was issued W9AD. He had a Morse code proficiency certificate for 35 words per minute.

Herb was a long-time member of the Lake County Amateur Radio Club. It was his friends in Lake County who secured a QCWA Life Membership for him in 1967 so that he could be counted with them as a Charter Member of the new QCWA Chapter that they were forming... this chapter, Chapter 36.