W8VR - Atlee S. 'Al' Hart W8VR

Atlee S. 'Al' Hart
Farmington, MI

QCWA # 13732

Was born into a ham family. OM (SK) was VE1MZ and Mom (SK) was VE1IV. So, I grew very early into ham radio, making QSOs when I was only a few years old and sitting on Dad's lap while he, compliant with Canadian law, turned the transmitter on and off. When not doing that, I was in Dad's workshop taking old radios apart and putting the parts into cigar boxes, or I was engrossed in his cache of 1930s QSTs. I've built my share, or more, of 1-tube receivers and 1-tube transmitters. I still know more about 1930s radio technology than I'll ever learn about this modern stuff. In fact, in 1956, when first encountering transistors, I wisely opined that they were a passing fad and would soon go away. I'm still waiting, but I'm sure they'll go away any day now. I was first licensed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1952, as VE1VI. A U.S. resident then, I believe I may have been the vy first ham to have been reciprocally licensed. First U.S. license acquired in 1961, call was K8RJC. Present call of W8VR was acquired in 1975. Have dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship, and presently have both calls - W8VR and VE1VI. If you're one of the AM gang, or even if not, you can see my AM rig on www.w8vr.org and if you're a photography afficionado, take a look at www.alhartphotos.com. Email addresses are al@w8vr.org and ash@attorneyhart.com. 73.

August 13, 2015