W8SZU - Gene C. Baber W8SZU

Gene C. Baber
Ft Myers, FL

QCWA # 29645
Chapter 196

Gene was born July 31,1933. He became interested in radio while in the Army. He went to Radio operators School and Radio servicing school while in the millitary service during the early 50's. His Ham radio license was issued in 1954. I enjoy cw very much. I can copy around 40 wpm. I like to chat around 25 wpm. Gene lived in Painesville, Ohio most of his life. He retired in 1993 and moved to Florida. He worked for a Company in Ohio for 25 years in the electronics field. He is married to Jeanne and has 3 children and 3 grand children. His daughter is ham (N8FHN) advanced class.

July 25, 2015