W8GNV - May 3, 2012

W8GNV - Harold R. 'Dick' Callahan Harold R. 'Dick' Callahan
Franklyn, OH
QCWA # 21123

CALLAHAN, Harold R. (Dick W8GNV) age 78, of Franklin, OH; died Thursday May 3, 2012 at Hospice of Butler/Warren County. Harold was born in Franklin, OH on February 7, 1934 to Clifford and Octavia (Kindred) Callahan.

He was a member of the Personnel Manager's Association, Chairman of the United Way, and the Rotary Club of Franklin.

Harold is survived by his wife of 34 years Linda (Masako) Callahan; a son David B. Callahan; 4 daughters Virginia Smithers, Noriko Hobbs, Kiyoko Campbell, RobinAnn Russell; 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren; 2 brothers Charles and Robert Callahan.

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Title: Re: W8GNV Dick Callahan
Post by: W9GT on March 05, 2007, 04:06:50 PM
Jogged my memory a bit..... I used to talk with Dick quite frequently on 40 M AM and maybe 75 as well. As I recall, he was running a Collins 30K-1 that he had purchased from a fellow here in Ft Wayne: W9JJX, Al Moore (now SK), who was the original owner.

It was always a pleasure to work W8GNV, however, I haven't heard him on the air for several years. I believe he may have had some health issues...hope he is OK.

I sure miss hearing Hank, W2IQ. He was sure an interesting fellow. Met him in person several times at Dayton.....and of course, worked him many, many times on the air.

73, Jack, W9GT

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He was an officer and former president of QCWA, member of the ARRL, DARA, and also very active in SPARC (SOCIETY for the PRESERVATION of ANTIQUE RADIO KNOWLEDGE --- a name coined by Ed, WR8A), and other clubs. He was a ham for over 60 years and quite active on the air and in dx-ing. He was a great admirer of Ten-Tec, and looking around his shack you would think it was a show room for the company.

Gerd Schrick ARS: WB8IFM
President QCWA Ch 8
Dayton, OH