Louis E. 'Lou' Caldwell
Prescott Valley, AZ

QCWA # 36791
Chapter 16
W7HX - Louis E. 'Lou' Caldwell

Ham since 1967, orig call WA7GYR, had W7HX since 1977.

Pharmacist, (Wash State U 1962)retired end of 1998. Now completely retired, no more pills.

Have moved to AZ permanently, winters in Sun City, summers (mid-May to early October in Prescott Valley.

4el Stepp-IR from WA waiting to be put up in Prescott Valley, tower base in, probably sometime in March. A ham location to die for, on the brow of a hill with green belt sloping down 20-30 feet to a road. Clear shot NW to S (thru east). 55ft tower plus sloping hill should be a killer location. Have 3 el Stepp-IR in Sun City (3el steppir now has trombone el for 30-40m, works great at 52ft(16.5m (love those Stepp-IRs)..

Other bad habit is a 2002 Corvette Conv, electron blue, 2nd Vette, first was 89 conv.

AZ address is 10525 W Lehigh Ct, Sun City, AZ 85351-2255

August 14, 2015