W6YHM - December 6, 2003

G. Donald 'Don' Eberlein

W6YHM(SK)Don drove to Carson City NV just before Thanksgiving to be with his son and family. On Monday December 1st, Don had lunch with a old friend in Reno. As they returned to his car, Don had a heart attack and possibly a stroke, he fell to the pavement. He was rushed to a hospital in Reno and he passed away on December 4th.

Grave side services will be held in at the Los Gatos Memorial Park, 2255 Los Gatos-Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA. at 11:00 AM, Wednesday December 10, 2003. Don was a member of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church and his Pastor Paul Hoffman is expected to conduct the graveside service for family and close friends.

Don had been a member of the SARO since 1958 and attended our most recent meeting in Livermore. We have biographical sketches of all our old timers but not one of Don. I remember approaching the subject with him but he didn't wish to furnish the information. So I will try my volatile memory. hi

Don was a graduate of Yale and a coxswain(sp) on their rowing team. Don was a world renowned geologist, well known for his treaties on crystalline structures. Don was a facet genius. He could cut a plain quartz stone and make it sparkle. He spent 25 years or more in South Eastern Alaska studying geological formations

When the big Alaska earthquake and following tsunami devastated the city of Valdez, President Lyndon Johnson put Don in charge of relocating the city and developing the necessary new infrastructure. The project turned out really great and Valdez is in it's new location where it won't be subject to future tsunamis.

Don was a great fisherman. He liked fly fishing in the Rogue and other rivers. He also really loved ocean salmon fishing. Don also enjoyed white water rafting in various rivers. Three other members of the SARO and their XYL's spent 6 1/2 days on the Colorado River traveling from one end of the Grand Canyon with Don and Marilyn.

After Don retired he obtained his extra class amateur license and that started years of chasing DX. It became very important hobby for him. Don has been a ARRL VE examiner for over 20 years. This took about a half day of work every two weeks.

Don enjoyed flying very much and so does his son Gene and grandson Christopher. Don has been helping Christopher qualify for instrument flying, and he only need a few more hours, but the weather was not suitable for that this past week in Carson City.

I loaned Don my video camera for an Arctic Flying Trip. He came back with about 5 Hours of the flying trip on 8mm tape. Don and I were getting ready to and add his voice comments over the tape as we produced a DVD. Unfortunately we didn't have time to do the job before Thanksgiving. The tapes will be turned over to Gene Barbera (Marylin's son) and he will finish the project as he is equipped and enjoys doing this kind of work.


A moment of silence, in honor of Don Eberline, W6YHM/SARO, was declared by K6RK, net control of the Bourbon Net, this evening. Don will be sorely missed by many.

73 always,
Vince, W6FA