W6TJO - Frederick L. 'Fred' Essex W6TJO

Frederick L. 'Fred' Essex
Encino, CA

QCWA # 12035

The Engineers of an ABC network radio subsidiary I helped open, introduced me to ham radio and gave me a present of the Manual to study, That led me through acquiring the licenses from Novice to General to Advanced and on to Extra.

In the mid '40s I directed/Produced radio programs on CBS, NBC and Mutual networks . . . such as the original Ripley's Believe it or Not, Andre Kostelanetz, Wayne King, Charlie Chan, Ellery Queen, Dunninger and The Mental Marvel, among others. I directed the making of commercials for such as Rinso White, LSMFT, G.Washington Instant Coffee et al.. In the '50s on I became involved with TV and motion pictures.

Hope this summary is enough. I skipped including the wall paper from Rag Chewers, WAC (both CW and PHONE), WAS, ARRL Old Timers Club and DXCC.

73 - Fred

October 5, 2013