W6SPS - Patrick J. Blaylock W6SPS

Patrick J. Blaylock
Sun City West, AZ

QCWA # 20743


I have been a ham since April of 1962. That is in thanks to WØJE Ray Johnson who spent so much time with me, a kid, who just could not get it. He never gave up on me.

I enjoy working HF, DX. AM & SSB. (CW well I try)

I have a Moseley 33 (oldie but goodie) mounted on a Rohn 20G at just 30 feet. I feed that with my IC 7200 and some times add in my 30 year old Alpha 76. I resently aquired a E. F. Johnson Viking Invader 2000. That was sold and repalced with a very nice Apache from Heathkit. I am currently on the air AM thanks to my B & W 1500

The frustration that you feel working CW with me, is my Parkinson's. Please Forgive I will be getting better? I have had to switch hands and I make so many sending mistakes. Nothing like having an extra class and sending like a nut.

My First ticket was dated 4/13/62 WNØBWG.

I was formerly NQØN and I am a Life Member of that ARRL and also Life member of the QCWA. My current call W6SPS celebrates my operating station KC4USZ in 1973/74 during the construction of the Dome located at the South Pole. (W6 South Pole Station) I am so pleased to be a member of the West Valley Amature Radio club located in Sun City West, AZ


I worked for several very large enginering firms, as site manager . Power Plants and Paper Mills and more.


Best wishes,

W6SPS - Patrick J. Blaylock

W6SPS - Patrick J. Blaylock

December 16, 2015