W6PSQ October 5, 2004

James 'Jimmie' Wakefield

James "Jimmie" Wakefield W6PSQ, #3687 became a Silent Key on Tuesday, October 5, 2004, at the age of 83 after a short illness. Jimmie was first licensed in 1938 as W6PSQ in Fresno California. He lived in Fresno most of his life. He was an avid DX'er, having over 320 entities on his DXCC Certificate. He served several terms as SCM/ SM for the ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section. He served as president of the Fresno Amateur Radio Club for several terms. During WWII, he flew transports over the "hump". He spent 14 years in Hawaii where he had the call KH6JVJ and later AH6CO. He served as president of the Honolulu ARC and as ARRL Pacific Section Manager. When he returned to California, he was able to get his original call sign, W6PSQ, through the vanity call sign system. Jimmie was the spark plug in the formation of the QCWA Fresno Chapter 213 and was its first president. He was also a member of the Central California DX Club and has served as its president and the Madera County ARC where he was president. Jimmie was a very involved ham. Rest in peace friend.

73, Charles W6DPD
S/T Fresno Chapter 213

Jimmie Wakefield, W6PSQ, ex AH6CO, passed away Oct 5 after undergoing a triple by-pass the day before. Jimmie spent 14 years in HI where he lived on Oahu. He was a former president of the HARC and also Pacific SM. He was a resident of Fresno, CA. Tnx W6DPD for info.