W6LDX - Thomas D. Davis W6LDX

Thomas D. Davis
Mesa, AZ

QCWA # 36740
Chapter 16

First licensed as WN6OTZ in 1976 when I took my written and code test at the FCC Field Operations Bureau at 555 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA. My call changed to WA6OTZ when upgraded to General. When I was an Advanced class I requested my Uncle Ted's call after he died W6LDX (W6 Long Distance), a great CW man and my first Elmer in the 50's. When I got my Amateur Extra Class, I got certified as a VE (ARRL & W5YI) and Licensing Instructor.

Commercial Radio Telephone Licenses held since 1965: 3rd Class, 2nd Class, First Class, General Class. Worked in broadcast radio for 25 years (side job) on Air DJ and as Engineer at many Fm & Am Radio Stations.

Was owner/operator of Ridgetop Communications and Northern California Wireless for 27 years. Designed, installed and maintaned commercial radio systems including 911 Dispatch Center on days off from the Fire Service. Retired 2000.

Member of: The U.S. Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club, ARRL, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Air America Association Inc, and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Served in U.S. Coast Guard.

W6LDX - Thomas D. Davis

May 26, 2015