W6GV - March 9, 2004

Richard 'Dick' Wilson

W6GV(SK)March 9, 2004 Richard I. (Dick ) Wilson, W6GV, #29313, of Clovis California. Dick was first licensed in 1934, but did not get a station license until 1936 because he did not have a station. He used his brothers call sign, W6JAB, during the first 2 years of licensing. In 1936 he was issued W6LTO. In 1996 he received W6GV. Dick got into serious Dxing later in ham career. He had over 200 entities credited to his DXCC, all on CW.

During WW2 he was a naval aviator. He earned 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 5 Air Medals. During the signing of the surrender documents on the Battleship Missouri, Dick was flying over Tokyo Bay with his section.

His W6GV call sign is now held by the Fresno Chapter 213.

73, Charles W6DPD
S/T Fresno Chapter 213