William 'Bill' Chapman
Dallas, TX

QCWA # 16133
W5YJB - William 'Bill' Chapman

First licensed 1952. Operates all bands, primarily 75 (3.840) and 20 meters. Radios currently are: Icom 756 PRO, 756, 751A, 751, R-71A, Amplifiers are Henry 2KD Classic, Icom IC4 KL, one KW solid state amplifier. Dipole and Cushcraft A3 at 60 feet. QCWA Life Member, President of Dallas QCWA, 1984, 1985. Married since 1956 to Dr. Helen C. Chapman, one son, William B. Chapman III, WB5DX, one grandson Christopher, WB5CRC, age15 years.

Registered, Board Certified Investment Counsel, Retired Chairman of Chapman Investments L.P. Arbitrator/Mediator. Member, National Panel of Arbitration Neutrals, Mediators., American Arbitration Association.

Past director, Chairman Audit Committee,Citizens National Bank, Austin, and Search National Bank, Dallas, Chairman Development Committee.

Photos depicts W5YJB and Schnapps, our registered thoroughbred.

All family members are products of The University of Texas-Austin

W5YJB - William Chapman

W5YJB - William Chapman
W5YJB - Circa 1952
stolen from - http://www.w5vyy.com/index.php/Old-Ham-Pictures/W5YJB-1952

July 23, 2013