W5TSE - January 14, 2011

W5TSE - Ella G. Munsch Ella G. Munsch
San Antonio, TX
QCWA # 9457

Ella Genary Newton Munsch, age 78, lost her fight to infections Friday night, January 14, 2011 after a long hospitalization, and moved up to a better place.

Her life was filled with friends from Ham Radio, where she was W5TSE for almost 60 years, and from her friendly, outgoing personality. She collected Coca-Cola memorabilia, and was an avid gardener.

She is survived by her loving husband of 52 years, George; sons, Randy and David; grandson, Randall; two great-grandchildren; two cats, Peep and Ringo. She will be greatly missed by her family and neighborhood.

W5TSE, Ella Munsch of San Antonio, TX became a silent key on Jan 14, 2011.

When she was licensed in 1951, she built her first transmitter from scratch to prove she was a dedicated ham. In pursuit of her ham hobby, she was a member of ARRL for over 50 years, a long time member of the San Antonio Radio Club, held QCWA # 9457, was president of the San Antonio Repeater Organization, and a founding member of the ALAMO YLs, where she held several different offices. She supported her OM, W5VPQ for years in the formation and initial direction of the Texas VHF-FM Society, was the first control operator of the first San Antonio repeater (146.34/94), and encouraged many newcomers into Amateur Radio. She held W5TSE for 59 years and 8 months.

After Louisa Sando, W5RZJ, and the next immediate call holder, Mae Lake, W5TSD, we believe Ella was the third longest licensed YL in 5 land.

W5TSE and W5VPQ were married for 52 years, and raised 2 sons.

George Munsch,