W5ROV - April 24, 2008

Charles W. 'Wayne' Spencer
Charleston, AR
Born 1916

I received a phone call from Wayne's daughter, Julia, informing me of the passing of her father Wayne Spencer, W5ROV.

Some of you may recall hearing Wayne, W5ROV, and his wife, Imogene, WB5JFS, from the early days of the 146.01-146.61, circa 1973, North Dallas Repeater Association, and their involvement in the day to day operation of it.

Several years back, Wayne retired from the Dallas area and moved back to their family place in Charleston, AR, SE of Fort Smith.

For the past several years, Wayne operated HF while Alzheimer's slowly diminsihed his activities, eventually ending in his placement in a nursing home and, now, his death.

Imogene, too, due to her fragile health, has been moved to the same nursing facility as it became too dangerous for her to remain in htheir home.

Funeral arrangements are pending and I'll let you know more as soon as I get more information from their daughter, Julia.

I do not know if Wayne was a QCWA member, locally or nationally, non the less, I thought it prudent to let y'all know of his passing.

Steve Brodie, K5ZYZ
President QCWA Chapter 41