W5LRU - Victor E. White W5LRU

Victor E. White
Denton, TX

QCWA # 22602

I became interested in radio listening to shortwave broadcast on our console radio as a kid. When I enlisted in the Air Force I tried to get assigned to radio school but ended up being assigned to work in administration. Upon my discharge I applied for assistance via the GI bill to attend Technical training in electronics. I graduated first in my class from Keegan Technical Institute, Memphis, TN., after a 2 year course in Industrial electronics where I also taught classes in basic electronics for about 1/2 year.

I left Keegan Institute to begin my career with IBM in 1957 and in 1958 I joined Univac Computers as a Field Engineer and worked on their large scale computers. I later joined Bendix Computer Division who was purchased by Control Data Corporation a year after I joined them. During my time with Control Data I was responsible for all computer services (both software and hardware) for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. This included the computers installed at NASA in Houston used for data reduction and tracking of the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. One of our model 6400 was used to drive the simulator for the Apollo program and during Apollo 13 it was critical to get the settings right for the crew aboard to safely return to earth. I left Control Data to work for Xerox Computer Division where I was Regional Operations Manager over Field Operations. After I retired from Xerox my wife and I operated/owned a printing business in Dallas for 5 years before retiring again.

I married to my high school sweetheart and we were married for over 59 years before she died in 2010. I currently am an Independent Representative for LegalShield which is located in Ada, OK. If interested you can find out more information about this companies services by going to www.legalshield.com/info/vicwhite

I have been licensed continuously since March 1959. My initial call was as a Novice KN3IIU, then K3IIU in 1960 I moved to Georgia and was assigned W4SYI from there I moved to Texas in 1962 and was assigned W5LRU. In 1971 I moved to California and was assigned the call of W60DD. In 1975 I moved back to Texas and was reassigned W5LRU. In Memberships: QCWA, OOTC, American Legion Radio Club, Air Force MARS, Life Member of ARRL, and Life Member of the Denton County Amateur Radio Association. Past President of DCARA after serving 5 years as President. Operating fixed HF, Digital, SSB, and VHF 2 Meters, 1.25 Meters FM & 6 Meters SSB and 70 CM in FM Mode.

Besides HAM radio I enjoy golfing and working with computers and have Beta tested software for several different companies. As for logging and QSL information I use ARRL LoTW, eQSL and I upload at least weekly all current contacts. If you would like a customized card from Texas I will send you a QSL card upon receipt of yours requesting one from me. No need to send $ or SASE to me.

W5LRU - Victor E. White

W5LRU - Victor E. White

W5LRU - Victor E. White

W5LRU - Victor E. White W5LRU - Victor E. White W5LRU - Victor E. White

December 17, 2015