W5KUF - July 30, 2004

Jerry Morris

Jerry W5KUF (SK)July 30th Jerry passed from a long respiratory illness. He was active and continously on the air for over forty years, since the early 1960's in Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi and Portland on the central Texas coast. Jerry enjoyed handling all kinds of message traffic with several net systems, including over the years, the 7290 Traffic Net, the South Texas Emergency Net [S.T.E.N.] and the Ten10 Net, ARES and local RACES.

One of Jerry's big contributions was in providing decades of phone patches for military personnel and their families through the MARS system. Always generous with his supportive time to the amateur community, he served as ARRL a section volunteer for many years as Area Emergency Coordinator and as a very proficient Official Observer with the FCC Amateur Auxiliary.

He also served as president of the Corpus Christi Amateur Radio Club [CCARC]for about five years and established the monthly swap fest and several continuing education workshops. Jerry provided quiet and effective behind-the-scenes leadership for the amateur radio community on a person to person basis and through several radio clubs in the area. Jerry was a member of the ARRL and was active in not only CCARC but also the South Texas Chapter of the QCWA in the past.

His station was on the air before, during and after every major hurricane on the Texas coast since 1960, providing support for both government agencies needs and area citizens with health and welfare traffic. His non political and no nonsense but friendly style will be missed by both aspirant radio amateurs and old timers alike.

73, de k5sbu