W5KQG - January 28, 2001

W5KQG - Frances T. 'Gabbie' Bruemmer Frances T. 'Gabbie' Bruemmer
San Antonia, TX

Frances Tier Bruemmer passed away Sunday, January 28, 2001 at the age of 93 years. Mrs. Bruemmer was born in Akron, OH and a life time member of the Henry Clay Chapter No. 398 of the Eastern Star.

She was a 60-year licensed Ham Radio operator - call letters W5KQG and a member of QCWA and QCWW, she was also a honoree member of the San Antonio Dog Training Club.

Survivors include her husband of 41 years, John W. Bruemmer; daughter, Vee Sulaunoa; son, Jim Hollifield and wife Jackie; four grand-children, Charles and Paul; numerous niece, nephews and a host of family and friend.

01-28-2001 Frances Bruemmer, W5KQG
Our good friend Frances "Gabbie" Bruemmer, W5KQG of San Antonio, Texas became a silent key after 60 years as a licensed ham.. She preceded her beloved OM of 41 years, Johnny Bruemmer, W5LVE by about 4 years. She was born in Akron, OH and lived 93 years.

As an officer of Chapter 38, Gabbie was an active participant with her OM in multiple chapter activities for many years. Additional hobbies included dog obedience training. She was an ardent RV enthusiast, along with a number of local hams during their retirement years. She was active in the Henry Clay Chapter of the Eastern Star.

Gabbie was survived by a son and a daughter, along with a host of grandchildren.