Clarence N. 'Newt' Campbell
Burkburnett, TX

QCWA # 27012
Chapter 114
W5DAD - Clarence N. 'Newt' Campbell
First Call: W5TUY   Other Calls: K7CMH

I have been a ham since 1951. In the early years most of my equipment was home brew AM gear. With the advent of SSB like many others I built HeathKit gear and then added SSB adapters to them. It was always great fun to find another ham who was building the same equipment and to share success and failures with them. My first call was W5TUY, and original issue, but I had to give it up when I moved to Arizona. The second call was K7CMH. The present call was held by the man who got me started in Ham radio in Roswell, N.M. He is now a silent key so I have put his call back on the air.

I have tried all modes of operation with the exception of EME. While in the military for 24 years and not having a permanent QTH most of the operation was with wire antennas or verticals.

After retirement I had the chance to put up a "real" antenna. I have a 75 foot tower with a Hygain TH11DXX and the wire antennas. Above the TH11 is a two meter antenna at 85', and a 440 at 95'. It is a dream come true to have a super antenna system.

I have been building repeaters and putting them on the air since 1967. I have two on the air now, one on VHF and one on UHF. I addition I have a digipeater that is part of the system in north Texas.

After 58 years of hamming, it is still exciting and fun to meet new people as well as those repeat contacts with old friends.

See you on the bands.

Newt, W5DAD

July 14, 2014