W5CN - Eugene M. Barnes W5CN

Eugene M. Barnes
Austin, TX

QCWA # 11179
Chapter 67

A radio ham since 1951 at age 15 as W5TGV (9 months a novice), I got my W5CN call in 1976.

Doing much traffic handling in the 1950s, I was Net Control Station for the NTX CW net, and made Brass Pounder's League a couple of times. 'Also got the ARRL CP-35 WPM endorsement.

When operating VP5ME (Grand Turk Island) 1959-60, I had third-highest world score (CW, single-op) in the 1960 ARRL DX Contest (see QST Oct 1960).

And I'm still on the air with a 1950s Vibroplex Blue Racer bug and J-38 straight key.

Active on all bands, 100-watts CW, I've got mixed-band DXCC plus a bunch, and a 160-meter WAS and WAC. With 55 top-band DX confirmations yet to go, my goal is a 160-meter, 100-watt, DXCC. .

Various affilations are lifetime ARRL & QCWA memberships, CW Fists Club (#8281), IEEE Historical Society, Antique Wireless Association, The International Bioelectromagnetics Society, Association For Psychological Type, Sierra Club, and a trustee for Institute for Neuroscience & Consciousness Studies.

An 8-year Navy veteran, and a Registered P.E. (inactive), with an FCC commercial licence, I'm 90% retired from a 32-year career in electric utility engineering & 60-Hz EMF health effects, but do occasional consulting.

Other passions & pursuits include; radio & electrical antiquities, occasional womanizing, abstract art, train riding to big cities, bel canto opera, contemplative & fantasy daydreaming, biking, philosophical inquiry, essay writing, and compulsive junk collecting.



30m through 160m -- 180ft (55m) twin-cage doublet 80ft (25m) high at center, 60ft(18m) high at ends with 2ft (.6m) diameter end hats fed with 400ft(122m) homebrew open-wire line of #10 copper -- shack is a long way from tower

20m through 10m --12-element log periodic beam atop 62ft (19m) windmill tower, fed with homebrew open-wire line & no balun

December 17, 2015