W4ZCB - Harold E. Johnson W4ZCB

Harold E. Johnson
Hendersonville, NC

QCWA # 10520
Chapter 76


Family: Wife Alice, 4 children, 6 grandchildren, 7 Great grandchildren. and the first Great Great grandson. - No other pets.

Station: Homebrew PICASTAR transceiver (See website). Alpha 78 and homebrew 4CX1500B. 160 Meter Voltage Fed halfwave Inverted L 160-80 and 40. Telrex tri-bander, 20-15 and 10.

Interests: Homebrew equipment. DX (357 confirmed), Metrology, Travel and hiking. People. Specially ham people.

A few past calls, W9PJO, KH6EMC, G5AHB, TU2HJ, JA7HJ, 5Z4HJ, SV0WX, ET3HJ, PZ1CX, VU2ZCB, YA1ZCB, EP3AM/W4ZCB, but as my sainted mother-in-law would say, "That was a long time ago".

March 13, 2012