W4SLH - November 1, 2007

Joel Mele
QCWA # 23861
Oriental, NC

Joel Mele - W4SLHJoel Mele, 57, amateur radio operator W4SLH, became a silent key on Nov. 1, 2007, at Craven Regional Medical Center. He is survived by his high school sweetheart and wife of 34 years, Christine. He also leaves his father, Joseph Mele of Oriental, sister and brother-in-law, Joan and Kevin McCarthy of Maryland, and nephew and niece, Jeffrey and Allison.

Joel was a true entrepreneur. He started Advance Sound Company in college and grew it into a successful commercial sound company for 24 years. He and Chris moved to Pamlico County in 1990 where he became certified and worked in law enforcement for several years. Joel then recognized the need for cellular coverage in the southeast part of the county and created Pamlico Tower Leasing, erecting a 500-foot cell tower. Joel became a licensed amateur radio operator at 14 and it defined his life.

He graduated from Adelphi University with a bachelor of arts degree in speech and hearing and also a master's degree in audiology and acoustics. Please remember him in your hearts.

from www.eham.net

Joel Mele, W4SLH passed today and he will be missed by all lucky enough to know this man. An Elmer to many, Joel always had time to help other Hams. His enthusiasm for our hobby was contageous. A friend has departed.
Contributed by: Harold Aaron (KI4MF)
Joel and I took our novice tests together in high school. He became WN2SLH and I was WN2SLI. Although I haven't seen him in many years, I remember his passion for the hobby in the early days of our ham careers. His rack-mounted SX-117 and HT-44 that he and his father put together was a work of art.
Contributed by: John Meade (W2XS)
We will all miss the voice of . Joel Mele, W4SLH, passed much too early. His laughter and helping hands will always be remembered by his friends over the air waves. Joel was always the first to help a fellow ham with a radio project or a personal emergency need. Joel is now with our Heavenly Father, where the streets are paved with gold and big antennas and high power prevail. We all love and miss you my friend. Dennis W4USR
Contributed by: Dennis J. Had (W4USR)
Joel was a friend ,I never knew him in person,But we were friends through Ham radio.His big signal from NC will allways be remembered as pleasent one.As a fellow member of our 7153 group Joel had a way of lighting up the airwaves with energy. I will miss you Friend. TOM N9ZV
Contributed by: THOMAS LEAKAKOS (A9KW)
Joel was a true friend of mind. We were working on his tower the day He got sick. I will miss him a lot. He was the best. Jerry K4TOT
Contributed by: Jerry W. Hott (K4TOT)
Though I only met Joel in the past year, I am fortunate and blessed to have known him, even for a short while. I have tremendous respect for Joel not only for his tremendous drive and passion for our hobby, but in the big hearted and witty way he shared his knowledge. He always demonstrated what you hope to find in the ham radio community. There was never a dull moment with Joel! Surely his presence will be missed by all those who were lucky enough to be befriended by him (Joel is in the blue shirt in the attached picture taken at the 2006 field day along with Hank and Jerry). Larry N4XA
Contributed by: Larry R. Garwood (N4XA)

My husband, Joel Mele W4SLH, passed away on November 1, 2007. It must be said that he was amateur radio to the core; Our home was designed around the radio shack and where the towers and antennas would go. When we met at 16 he took great pride in showing me his shack and showing off and explainging his "hobby". Little did I know how much that hobby meant to him. After twenty five years of marriage I finally got my tech license and thank goodness I did. Joel build a repeater for the local club and the repeater and antenna are on our cell tower two miles from our home. In order to keep everything proper for the FCC I am adopting his call which is the repeaters call.

Please remember him in your hearts. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to First Responders, SE Pamlico VFD, P.O. Box 429, Oriental, N.C. 28571 or the American Radio Relay League at 225 Main Street, Newington, Ct. 06111-1495."

Bob, my husband LOVED amateur radio, was a true technical specialist and perfectionist, and I know amateur radio is losing those.

It has been comforting to write a bit about my husband, Thank you for reading.

Christine Mele
KG4MBK soon to be W4SLH